I never gave much thought to a political party affiliation when I first registered to vote, so I registered as independent. As the years have gone by I see more and more reason for this to be a standard that should be adopted, for political party affiliation is causing a split in our country. Why can’t candidates just run for office as individuals standing up for what they believe and supporting the will of the people?

President Obama was voted into office because people wanted a change, we got what the people wanted…a change!! Would he have been voted in if there was no party affiliation with the candidates? I think not!  People voted Democrat to not vote Republican!

Now we have a president that is pushing his own liberal views on the people!! This is not our Presidents job!! His job first and foremost is commander and chief of our military…protecting our great nation!! This title is to protect us from outside forces as well as attacks from within!  (So many exclamation points because it is worth raising our voices over)

Our nation IS under attack, not just from outside forces…but more dangerously…from within!! Now due to the change that the majority of voters wanted, we have a President who is leading this attack! 

What attack am I talking about?  The attack on the very foundation of our Great Country…the attack on what our Forefathers fought and died for…the attack on our constitution…the attack on morals…the attack on the will of the people!!  And yet people support Obama, how can this be?

I believe the answer lies in the system that was designed to protect those freedoms…our judicial system.  Since 1963 when our courts put in effect the law prohibiting prayer in schools there has been a steady decline in the morals of this country, to the point of supporting a President that lacks all of the morals and integrity of the men and women who fought and died to uphold those morals and religious freedoms.

Think about it!!  Our country was established on the principle of religious freedom…our Forefathers were being persecuted for their Christian faith, so they sought a country where all men and women would be free to worship.  Not, all but Christians…if it wasn’t for Christians there would be no United States of America!!

Our President goes as far as to say that the religious freedoms that are protected under the our Constitution, (the very Constitution that men bled for) has no bearing on his agenda of supplying us with so called health care, dubbed ObamaCare (in this health care bill millions of dollars more are to go to Planned Parenthood).  ObamaCare is forcing all religious organizations to support abortion practices, requiring them to pay a said amount specifically for birth control which includes abortion, despite their religious beliefs.  What would our Forefathers say?

Our President supports abortion, namely ‘Planned Parenthood’, an organization that was formed to eradicate the minority groups of America.  Ironic isn’t it?  If there is any other hate organization in the US other than the KKK it would be ‘Planned Parenthood’, and yet this organization receives over $500,000,000 yearly from our government and is supported by what is considered the most powerful man on earth…the President of the United States of America. 

To top off all of this, President Obama has now gone public in support of same sex marriage, despite the will of the public, and of course everybody knows that our Forefathers would not have supported this.  In a matter of fact, it is this kind of mentality that they fought to form our very country.  Of course, up until President Obama, every President has supported our religious freedoms. It was President Regan who was quoted saying “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.” I could go for days quoting religious references by our former Presidents, for they understood their role…to protect our great country and to serve the people who trusted them enough to elect them into office!!

How is it that after all the battles for freedom and all the blood that was shed for equality and to eradicate discrimination that we have gone so far to elect our first Black President and he just so happens to be one that does not hold his office to protect but to rule…to push his beliefs on us?  Terrible, isn’t it? And yet he has enough supporters to put him in contention for another term!!

It seems to me that the only supporters he should have are those that hate the minority groups…such as the KKK and of course Planned Parenthood.  The KKK wouldn’t support him because he is not white, but Planned Parenthood sure does support him and his cause, and he supports them and their cause!! 

Makes me hang my head in shame of where our country is headed :(