5-N-Dime Plus More!

About US

My beautiful wife Linda, and myself!!

Married 25 years, Love our LORD, Jesus, love our 8 children, 15 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter :)

Here is a picture of our children and their significant others!!  I have our 3rd from the youngest grandson on my lap, his name is Dominic.  

Linda is the founder and owner of 5-N-Dime Plus MORE!.  Her dream and desire is to be a reliable source of products and services that will accommodate anyone, any condition and any need.  If we cannot accommodate you personally, we will do our best to find a source that will fulfill your needs! 

 I am Linda's husband Rob.  I have joined Linda in her internet endeavor working as a team on all of our projects.  We are constantly learning and growing in knowledge.  I am pretty computer illiterate, so it has been difficult for me to do everything that I have done on the computer.  I have learned so much and will continue to do so, for the computer is an ever changing  tool!  I am very grateful for the help and information that so many have made available online.

I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, my wife was born in Fairfield, California.  We met in a restaurant where I was a cook and she was a waitress.  After several years of working together and building a relationship of trust and friendship we got married.  I married Linda in 1986.  She had 5 children coming into our marriage and I had one child, together we had 2 more, bringing our total number of children to 8.  They have all left home and have children of their own, blessing us with 15 grandchildren and one more granddaughter.  (Read more about my love for children here)

My wife started internet marketing through eBay in 2007, and now we have decided to take the next step, which is with our own websites and affiliate marketing!  I have found this to be exciting, but a lot of work.  It is not like everyone tells you... make money immediately!!!  No... it takes a lot of hard work, learning, time and patience.  We have found several sources of help for our internet endeavor and would like to share what we have learned with others that are starting up. 

Linda has sought internet marketing strategies from some very reliable sources. One of the best sources is Matt Carter's online seminars, I found him to be so very helpful because of his thorough and hands on approach to teaching.  Matt Carter is definitely one of the good guys, honest and thorough!  Well worth your time to check him out if you are into internet marketing!!  

In 1999 my wife and I started a small construction business in Medford, Oregon where we continued working until the collapse of the housing industry (our economy).  We were some of the unfortunate ones, we lost our home, RV's, one of our 2 vehicles and most of our personal valuables.  It has been especially hard for us because we both have ongoing medical conditions, that has worsened because of our financial situations.  (Read about it) 

Our plight has been a blessing in the area of understanding what so many others have (and are) gone through.  Being homeless is something that you cannot understand until you are there.  Going without needed medical care or medications because you cannot afford them is not easily understood until you are in that position.  Since we have been there, our heart goes out to those that have lost so much from no fault of their own.  Many of these people, (such as ourselves) do not want to be a charity case, but desire to earn what they get and need.

Our heart leans toward those in need, our goal is to grow our internet business, then share with others that would like to do the same.  Hopefully restoring a sense of hope and giving them financial security.  Not only do we want to aid those in need financially, but we have some resources that are not readily available through public entities, (they don't know about them or just don't share that information).

I had gone for nearly 2 years without an income, (other than a few small side jobs).  I finally found a job in the Portland, Oregon area which is where we are currently located.  At the time of writing this, I have worked for 9 months with the last 2 months being laid off again due to a lack of work, (actually the work is there, but they are so unorganized that we have to wait for others to finish their job so we can start building). 

Stay Tuned....


         Tell us what you think!!               We would love to hear from you!                

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