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                                   Bringing Up Boys, by James Dobson

'Bringing Up Boys' is a very well written book by Dr. James Dobson!!  Dr. Dobson did his homework before writing this book.  I found it to be very informative and full of statistics that some people find offensive.  The statistics that Dr. Dobson quotes in 'Bringing Up Boys are not his opinion, but recorded facts that he uses to support his own clinical studies on the childhood behavior of boys in given circumstances!

For me, I was much more able to understand the behavior of boys and men after reading  'Bringing Up Boys'.  In today's society, everything and everybody is so concerned about being politically correct and accepting diversity that they become ignorant of the facts.  It is not to say that as Christians we hate diversity or any individual, but we understand the effects and consequences of certain behaviors.

Most devastating, of all of these consequences is the effect on our children.  They are our next generation and they should be protected at all cost!  Dr. Dobson explains this and how important it is for a child to have both parents, and how important it is for boys to have a father image to grow up with.  Again, this is not to say that you as a single parent should feel guilty for being a single parent, for we understand that some things are beyond your control.

As a father and step father (8 children, all left home), I took this roll very seriously!  I told my wife that our children deserve both parents, because it was not their choice to come into this world...it was ours!  So as parents we owe it to our children to work out our problems and give them the security and stability that they deserve.  This is what Dr. Dobson tells us in his book.

If a person reads this book with the intention of learning, there is so much information available from Dr. Dobson that is applicable to today's young men.  If you have a daughter of dating age, it gives you insight of what to watch for in the men/boys that they are considering dating. 

I highly recommend this book for every parent or parent to be!!    Follow this link to purchase your own copy of 'Bringing Up Boys', or to take a look inside of the book.  There is information available on Dr. James Dobson and reviews on the book as well.


After years of hearing biblical stories, I never understood the meaning or significance of those stories until I attended the Applegate Christian Fellowship and listened to the teachings of Pastor Jon Courson. The man does not preach, he teaches, verse by verse from the beginning to the end of the bible, with an understanding of God’s word like no one I have ever heard.

It has been said that Jon Courson is one of the most exhilarating ministers today, and I agree with that statement. This is not to say that there are no other good ministers or biblical writers out there today, because there are plenty of wonderful ministers and writers, however, if you are interested in hearing a truly inspirational teaching technique, it is well worth your time and money to invest in Jon Courson’s teachings.

The very first teaching I heard of Jon’s was from Genesis 22 where Abraham offered up his son Isaac as a sacrifice to the Lord. I had heard the story on many occasions since I was a little boy, but had never understood the significance of the entire theme.

During the same period of time that Jon was teaching on Genesis at the church, to my pleasant surprise, I found out that Applegate Christian Fellowship has their own AM radio station…KAPL 1300. The lessons from his previous lessons in Revelations was being broadcast on the radio. What a blessing!!! Again, a teaching from the bible that I had heard, but never understood or heard it taught with such understanding and passion…I was in total awe of Jon’s understanding of the word of God…the Bible.

If there is anyone that has been given wisdom and understanding of the word of God, it is Jon Courson. One of the things that impressed me about Jon is how he encouraged those that hear his teachings, is that they do not take his word for what he is teaching, but to go home and study for yourself…the Lord Himself tells us to do this…’study’.

This caused me to do just that...go home and study! I studied everything that he taught me. I even bought a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance/Hebrew and Greek dictionary to aid in my studies.

As I studied I noticed that my whole demeanor began to change...I started to sleep better, my language at work began to change and I quit getting upset at all of those irritating things like traffic and rude people.

The more I studied the more inner peace I had. I quit drinking, not because I felt I had to, but because the desire to drink just left. I have never had the desire to drink again.

Pastor Jon teaches of the Love of God...that is what the bible is truly about! Once you understand how much the Lord loves you, you begin to feel a peace and freedom that you just cannot quite explain. You just have to experience it yourself.

Due to the crash of the housing industry, (I was a licensed building contractor), my wife and I had to leave the Rogue Valley area in Southern Oregon near the Applegate Christian Fellowship, and move to the Portland Oregon area for work. We have been in the Portland area since July of 2010.

Upon moving to the Portland area I was glad to find KLOV on the radio, however, much to my surprise, I just found a radio station that broadcasts Pastor Jon Courson's teachings, KPDQ 93.9 at 6:30-7:00 AM weekdays…it was and is such a joy to hear him again.

When you find a teaching style that fits you, it can change your whole world. If you do not understand the bible in the correct context, you will not understand how much the Lord loves you and the sacrifices He has made for you/us/me. When you finally come to understand His love, grace, mercy, and His long suffering for our sakes, you understand why Jesus is called the Prince of Peace.

There is a complete set of Jon Courson’s Biblical commentaries available through Barn's & Noble.com that can be purchased, or if you prefer to hear his teachings there are CD-ROM’s that can be purchased also. I recommend His teachings to anyone interested in the word of God, whether you are a seasoned Pastor or a new Christian.

To see some of the book that I have found of special interest to me, join us on our webpage: http://5ndimeplusmore.com/inspirational-books.htm


Another author of some very good books is C. S. Lewis. C. S. Lewis wrote both fiction and non-fiction books, that can meet anyone’s desire in literature. His writing of the Chronicles of Narnia are as good as you get for fiction.

Then those with a little bit more of a venturous heart, there is ‘The Screwtape Letters’. 


                My Review on C. S. Lewis' book 'The Screwtape Letters'

This book is not like any other Christian book I have read, it took me by total surprise!!  I could not figure out what was going on because I was reading it with the expectation of it being a typical Christian book.  Finally, I realized that the two figures writing to each other were devils and not angels...now it all made sense.  I was amazed at the different aspect of this Christian writing...a view from the other side...what a joy it turned out to be.

I had not read a review on the book nor had anyone explained it to me!  I bought the book because I am a C. S. Lewis fan.  I have enjoyed reading C. S. Lewis'  books, so why would I expect The Screwtape Letters to be any different then all of the other Christian books I have read. 

This book is a series of short letters between two devils trying to steal the soul of a Christian.  The elder devil is always giving the younger devil advice on how to undermine the Christian's faith.  When his advice fails, the young devil writes back for more advice.

For me this is a wonderfully written book, one that I could personally relate too.  There were so many things that the devils tried in the book that I could see were things that I had gone through as a Christian.  

I believe this is a great book for anyone...I highly recommend The Screwtape Letters!!

Go here and read the reviews on 'The Screwtape Letters'.  There are 65 reviews with a 4 1/2 star out of 5 star rating! 


If you have a painful condition or know someone who has a painful condition, his book ‘The Problem Of Pain' is a very helpful read. I have lost a sister to ovarian cancer, which was very painful for her. It was because of her condition that I was seeking some answers as to why a person would have to endure such a terrible disease when I came across C. S. Lewis’s book ‘The Problem of Pain’. It was beneficial for me along with my sister, whom I shared the book with.

As with Jon Courson’s writings, you can find a great selection of C. S. Lewis’s writings at Barnes and Noble. It is great to investigate books that you might be interested in, read reviews on the book and often times you can get customer ratings on the book.


Let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you, good or bad!



Bringing up Boys 

Dr. James Dobson is The founder of Focus on the Family,  long considered one of the country's most trusted parenting experts

Family  Man

Dr. James Dobson...A former Wall Street Journal reporter offers the first-ever complete biography of one of America's most influential men


There are 3 volumes, 2 Old Testament and 1 New testament.  Part are available on eBook... enjoy reading them on a new Nook HD


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance is one of the most powerful study guides you can purchase.  I would be lost without mine!


The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis

Look at Christian faith from a different angle!  Wonderfully written book of how 'demons' work together to try your faith !


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